Jax C. Wheatley


Nineteen years ago, Jax opened Rainbow Tax & Accounting to serve the needs of the LGBTQ community and beyond! Jax received their bachelor’s in accounting from Portland State University. Jax has lived in the Portland area for 39 years, and has been working here in accounting field since 1975. Jax is active in the local community, as a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Portland Area Business Association.

Jax has first-hand familiarity with the oft complicated legal and financial arrangements of queer couples. Jax doesn’t just understand such complexity–Jax thrives on it. True equality is a long way off. But through the application of her accounting expertise, Jax strives to inform queer couples of the existing tax structure and the ways in which some of the tax benefits of marriage can be realized today.

In addition to serving individuals and couples, Jax has extensive experience with small businesses and non-profit organizations. Jax is proud to count Pride NW, organizers of Portland’s Pride Festival, as one of Rainbow Tax & Accounting’s clients. Due to her extensive experience with business and organizational development, many small businesses and non-profits in the Portland area rely on Jax’s expert counsel.

Susan K. Johnson

Chief Office Organizer

Susan, Jackie’s partner, has joined the practice! Her strong organization skills and background in professional organizing helps keep the rest of us in line (unfortunately, not even her powers can extend to Jackie’s desk).

She moved to Oregon in 1991 before moving to Washington in 2000. She came back to Oregon in 2013. She’s got over 30 years of experience in various office environments, ranging from clerical duties to managing a regional billing office!

Susan loves reading, eating outdoors on a warm day, and an easy hike in the Gorge. She loves to travel, having visited Thailand, Costa Rica and Jackie’s favorite beach in Kona, and loves Dragon Boating as well, paddling for the Amazon Dragons Paddling Club.

She volunteers every year at Camp Victory, a camp for girls who have survived sexual abuse.